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See what students are doing at school

It is obvious that when students go back to school, they have gone there to learn the stipulated curriculum. This is no more as students are found doing strange things.

In my previous post, I wrote on teenagers and relationship. Of late, since the coronavirus pandemic knocked, there have been so many cases of teenage pregnancy. The sexual abuse is also in the rise from both the friends and relatives.

The government found it wise for some classes going back to school on October and this brought a relief to the parents as many had difficulties in maintaining them at home

From the digital learning to classroom again! But are the students just learning the curriculum in school. Now that there are a few students in the school; class 4&8 and form 4, the students have taken the whole compound all by themselves including the dark corners. Toilets and deserted corridors are having new love birds where all manner of discovery is put to test including intimacy act, all this within the school compounds.

Are these students extending what they were doing at home to school? Teachers have been put between the rock and the hard place especially when they find them red-handed. The morals and values are depreciating day by day. If the teacher happens to involve the parent on the issue, he or she disagrees with the teacher by saying his or her child is innocent. This has happened mostly because some of the parents don’t ‘know’ their children.

Are the teachers being overworked without support from the parents and the community at large?

Do you support the act of the students? Can we say there is a gap when it comes to how to discipline the child? Kindly share your opinion as you comment.

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Why pregnant women didn’t eat eggs

It is festive season when we want to try most of the recipes. To make most of our home bakings tasty, we do add eggs. But the question is, are they good for pregnant women?

There is one community that didn’t allow their pregnant women to enjoy eating eggs when pregnant. It was a taboo which called for heavy punishment. Why was this the case?

Mostly, in african tradition, most rules were put to protect the people from the problems. There was no explanation to the taboos as they were called. It was a must do it or get punished.

Later, people came to realize that scientifically, eggs provide proteins which do a lot in building the body.

If pregnant women ate the eggs, the baby would grow to be so big that it could threaten it’s life or that of the mother or both. There were no hospital to take care of any birth complications and so by not eating eggs, the mother and her baby were protected.

This is no more with the high technology and scientists who can tackle most of the problems. Women can eat anything as long as it does not harm them directly.

Do you have such taboos or other beliefs that expectant mothers should adhere to? I will be happy to hear it. Kindly leave it as you comment.

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What they found a group of teenagers doing in the house

Not again! Just after the chilling news of the girls who went missing, another group of Teenagers (about 40) both girls and boys were found in one of the houses doing all manner of immorality in the name of birthday sleepover. (All in just one house)

Teenagers who according to Citizen TV were from different counties. They were hosted by a woman who was alleged to be about 40 years of age.

Who should we blame?…the society, the parents, the teenagers, the digital life, the adults?…

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My YouTube videos – Ciscas

As we raise our children, there are many obstacles that comes on our way. My Let’s know YouTube channel has tried to discuss some of them. If you haven’t visited it, kindly do it. Like, share and subscribe. Always remember to put notification on incase you miss the up coming videos.


I take this opportunity to welcome all parents to my YouTube channel – Let’s Know

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There is a sister channel Ciscas which has Children stuff on morals and values…

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Parents’ conference on morals and values

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