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My life in the village. (Pt2)- ciscasquapro

Would you like to catch up with the story? Then get it here: Life wasn’t easy at the village! part one.

I was scared to death such that I could even hear my own heart beat. There was very little to be done. The animal seemed not to be in a hurry and so the more I stood still the more I became helpless. I couldn’t control the urge to sneeze due to the cold weather that hit me like a storm. I had to let it out uncontrollably. This made the hell loose and within a blink, the ground was opening it’s mouth wide to prey on me. Nothing could stop the charging animal to get to it’s target. I was very weak to make a run. I closed my eyes not to see my own death coming to me live.

Suddenly, there was a deafening sound that left my eardrums bursting. I took refuge behind a huge tree that was near me. From there, I could see blurred images as it was still dark. The Elephant was lying helplessly on the ground.

Though it was attacking me, I couldn’t help to see it in great pain. Although some animals were dangerous, I still admired seeing them around. What could have happened? I took my time to watch what was happening. Somebody had shot the elephant and it was groaning in pain. This one made me shed tears. Luckily, it was injured on the leg and so it tried to struggle it’s way into the forest.

Don’t be afraid, I saw the elephant charging towards you, I had this herbs that I used to shoot it’s leg. This was only meant to numb it’s leg to disrupt it. Soon it will recover from it.

A man from nowhere addressed me.

I was happy to hear that though if it were not for the man, I couldn’t live to narrate this story. He was following me closely carrying his jerrican of milk too. All this time, I had tried to make sure my jerrican of milk was still safe. Thank God no accident happened.

I was happy to get a companion to the dairy farm. It was a day full of challenges, but it marked the end of me taking the milk as my dad could not allow such incident to happen again……Yeah! A blessing in disguise!…Dare not miss the next episode..give it a like if it’s worth it.. follow me to make sure you don’t miss it.

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5 ways how you can avoid exam anxiety|ciscasquapro

Have you ever wondered how you could stop the exam anxiety? Don’t go far, the tips are just here!

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Getting ready

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  1. Prepare early. Don’t wait to start revision for your papers a day before  the examination. Go through your work or notes when there is  no tension of seating for the papers.
  2. Plan your revision well. Don’t follow your favorites when revising. This would lure you to concentrate on what you like yet every part of learning will contribute to you grade. So have a strategy on how to make sure every area has been covered.
  3. If you are doing tutor learning, then be attentive when the lessons are going on as this would be the only time the concept will be explained.
  4. Avail yourself at least 30 minutes before time.This will give you time to relax from the hustle of traffic or any other challenge.
  5. Make sure you have all that is needed to write your paper.                                                                                                                                                                                                      With those tips, then you are good to go!                                                                                                                                          If you come across other tips, feel free to add in your comment.                                                                                ALL THE BEST.   See also