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What will happen to patients of Covid 19 in Kenya – Ciscasquapro

It is sad that the country cannot support the covid 19 patients in public hospitals and therefore advocating for homecare based therapy. This may be a big task as a number of citizens might not be able to handle the patients. It can also lead to more spread of the virus. If the children are not safe from covid 19, how will it be possible for family members to take care of the victims without the required attire? Remember Impact of Covid 19 on traveling has contributed to so many other challenges. This means that family members cannot travel to visit their sick relatives of whom they are supposed to be taking care of. It is like the pandemic is not leaving us soon. According to how things are going, the numbers of affected people is increasing day by day. And if this continues, Should kenyan students seat for their national exams this year? The irony is, school were closed because of one case of Covid 19, now they are expected to be opened when the number is increasing. With this homecare based treatment, will the parents be able to handle cases of the virus in schools? I think this is an issue that need to be revisited.

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Poisoned hand-outs?

Though sometimes we are forced by circumstances to accept free things, this has proved  not to be one of the best ways to meet our needs. Just recently, the media reported that poisoned food has been given to innocent citizens who were yarning for help due to the impact of corona virus.

Little did they know that their happiness couldn’t last long. Most of them got seek after consuming the food given. This was inhuman and should be condemned using the strongest word possible. People should not take advantage of others’ condition to achieve their evil goals!