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The ghost in the night

Have you ever been a victim of being tormented by ghost at night? Or are they only dreams if not nightmares!

I vividly remember that one night. It was late at night. I walk up, took a jerrican and off I went to fetch water.

When I was halfway, I started feeling cold. All over a sudden, I walk up and found myself along the path way all alone. I couldn’t scream at such an hour as it could alert the wild animal. How I made it back home was a miracle.

Went straight to bed and narrated the story the following morning to the rest of the family who new nothing of what had happened the previous night.

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How I made it (epi.3)

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“Good morning, can you come to Huduma Hospital as soon as possible.” Before I could enquire who was on the call, he hanged up. It was a strange voice and from it I could tell all was not well. I new without doubt that something bad may have happened to Bryan. In a hurry, I took a cab to Huduma Hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was a a bit confused. Should I ask information about patient by the name Bryan? No, I wasn’t sure about Bryan. Just the day before he was well, but not having reported to work left me not knowing whether to ask about him or not. It was a real dilemma!

At the reception, a lady noted my restlessness. “Madam, how can I help you?” I explained my predicaments but to my…

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