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You are well, this morning, then you have a reason to say thank you. As we look forward for a successful day, may the grace of God be sufficient. May all our needs be met. May our prayers be answered . May we have plenty in store so that we can have enough to share with our neighbours.

Wishing all of us A Blessed Sunday.

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Why we need Supreme power

Sometimes things becomes so complicated that even the strongest feel weak. They need support at their weakest point. When in such a situation, friends tend to withdraw. Some family members too, and one is left with a few if not none for support.

At this point when no one wants to associate with you, that’s when God comes in. He is the only friend that will never abandon you at your lowest point.

He will lift you up, shake the dust of and clean you again and again. He will comfort you and hold your hand. His unmeasurable love will be upon you no matter what.

So do not be worried nor dismayed. God is in control of your situation. It is all in vain without Him. Don’t look up to human, they may disappoint you. Look up to the Lord where your strength comes from.

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What she discovered from her fiance shocked her.

Pamela and Olive met at the capital city. They were both undertaking the same course and this made them to be close to each other.

Their relationship was so real that everyone at the campus knew about it until when the worst happened.

They were relaxing in the room that Olive had rented enjoying the moment. All over a sudden, their happiness was cut short by a loud bang at the door!

This caught Pamela unexpected. Olive rushed under the bed and within a blick, she was holding a machine gun. Pamela could not help it! She found herself letting out a sharp scream!

“Don’t dare to make a move!” Olive commanded. He had changed and he looked so wild that Pamela couldn’t not believe what she was seeing.

“Open the door or we false ourselves in!”, the voice which sounded like that of a police officer ordered.

Pamela could not take it anymore. She was shocked beyond words. She knew Olive as a humble man who was serious with his studies. Little did she know that he was a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Olive started shooting towards the door after ordering me to lie flat under the bed. The people who turned to be police officers were well organized as if they new the kind of a person they were persuing.

Finally they managed to get in after Olive became shot of bullets. They ransacked the room and there after arrested both of them.

Olive was accused of murder that had happened previous month in one of the estates. Pamela was also not lucky. She was also accused of collaborating with a criminal and that is how she found herself behind bars for two years. It was too late for her to change her mind on her relationship with Olive.

Olive was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. This brought the end of their relationship. So it is always good to look before you leap!

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The only couple in Kenya that shares a public platform (Rashid and Lulu)

For long I have been a silent admirer of this couple. Their matching attire day in day out makes me not to make a mistake of missing their show. Their designer is perfect and doesn’t go anything short of perfect!

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#sisemikitu At work 🙏

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#sisemikitu Bilashi bilashi katu haitoshi .

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#sisemikitu A handshake 🤝 #newstime

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Sometimes I wonder if they ever disagree when at home because from the way things look like, they make one of the best couple!

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How I made it – Ciscas

romantic ethnic model with white flowers

I had finished doing my office assignment and was getting ready to head to bed. Something caught my attention. I had forgotten to lock my door and so I took the key and went ahead. As I approached the door, I had a knock. Surprised, I asked myself, “who could that be at a such weird hour?” I didn’t expect anybody neither had I invited anyone to my house. Before I could enquire who it was, a voice said, ” It’s me, Bryan.”

Bryan was one of my colleagues at work. I wondered what could have made him come to my house at such an hour. Previously, we had quarreled on some issues we could not agree. I had declined his request to visit him during the weekend. That afternoon, I went to to the market to run some errands.

As I was picking some tomatoes, somebody tapped my shoulder and that is when I realized it was Hopekins my former classmate. I couldn’t resist  a hag from him which felt so warm after staying for decades without seeing each other. All this time, I didn’t realize that Bryan was standing behind me. “Kindly meet my friend, Bryan.” He told me  pointing to Bryan. I was shocked to see Bryan and I could tell from the look of his eyes that he was not happy with the way I embarrassed Hopekins. After shaking hands with him, he left in a hurry and left us chatting as we had fun flashing back to our school life.

So I knew that something was not right. I ushered him in Reluctantly. “What has made you to come here at this time? Is anything wrong?” I asked him knowing very well what could be the response. To my amazement, he said, ” Am sorry for the way I behaved this afternoon. I couldn’t control my jealousy when I saw you embracing Hopekins with a lot of intimacy. I Know it’s not right to judge you, but I could not help it.” …stay tuned to know what happened…to continue…look out for the next episode.


Easter Holiday

It’s another time of the year that we prepare to celebrate the Easter Holiday. This remind us about the love of Jesus to mankind. Sacrificing his body for crucifixion was not an easy decision to make. This was a sacrifice of love. It is true that with love nothing is impossible. As we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is important we share this ultimate love to one another. Have a blessed Easter.


Valentine’s day and teenagers.

I don’t know whether it’s right to write about valentine’s day after it has already happened. But this was provoked by a series of questions that followed the day from some of pre-teens and teenagers all on valentine’s day.

On that day, I was too busy to remember that it was really Valentine. I woke up as usual, got dressed up without being keen on what was meant for the day.

I had to meet some pre teens and teens for certain duties. When I arrived, I was shocked with their brilliant ideas.

There were red flowers all over! Beautiful art on paints and pencils all symbolising the valentine’s day. The unexpected welcome of ululations left me amazed.It was fantastic!

Were these teens really knew what they were doing? Was this the way to celebrate the day?……….A lot of questions crisscrossed my mind ….If the world was full of such love….we would never imagine of leaving!

I had an assignment to do. What were they thinking when they were doing all these? I jogged their mind with a few questions:

What is it all about this valentine’s day?… Why did you need to do all this?…Why red flowers?…. And the answers were amazing! This one from a ten year old girl surprised me……..didn’t your husband give you a red rose?……it was still early in the morning….am still thinking whether I gave the right answer.