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What next for Kenya

Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera in kenya have been under lockdown for sometimes now. Today, President Uhuru lifted the lockdown but maintained the curfew hours.

It is expected that most of the people who were locked in Nairobi will now find their way to rural area where they have really missed to be. Life at the city has been hard to many since the strike of the pandemic.

Some lost their jobs and they are unable to feed their families. They prefer sending children and wives to countryside where there is plenty of food.

The worry is, as this large number migrate from towns to rurals, there is a possibility of the virus spreading even more. Moreover, most of the aged parents are in rurals and they are at a greater risk contracting the virus as they welcome their relatives from town.

On the other hand, those in transport business will have something to smile for. People will rush to be out of town as soon as possible, therefore ,increasing their revenue. Since the Nairobi lockdown, most of the vehicles have been parked with nothing to do. You can also see my previous post on traveling.

Still waiting to see how things will unfold….feel free to leave a comment…Do visit my other posts here. For future post …. follow.

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What I did in 1963 – Ciscasquapro

It is normal during morning rush hour at the town to have a lot of traffic as many people struggle to reach their places of work in time. One morning, there was this old man who wanted to go to town. He had some land issues he wanted to solve at Lands Office, but competing with the young people whom seemed not to recognize his age was not easy. He had to stay longer at the stage/bus terminals… ..You can also see other posts here

Finally, a bus arrived. Seeing the old man, the conductor gave him the first chance to get a seat. He then started collecting the fare from the passenger. He reach where the old man was sitting and requested him to pay for the ticket. To his surprise, the old man became very agressive almost fighting the young and well built conductor. The conductor was annoyed and they started exchanging bitter words. All over a sudden, the old man stood up charged like a wounded buffalo and said,

Young man, if you think you are strong enough, continue arguing with me. You will regret the day you were born after I have done what I did in 1963!

All the passengers were shocked. They pleaded with the conductor to live the man alone. After arriving to their destination, they all alighted. “Excuse me, before you go, would you mind to tell us what you did in 1963?” the young man asked the old man.

He laughed exposing his toothless gum.”Okay, if you want to know, well and good I will tell you…in 1963, I had no money to pay for transport though I wanted to go to my uncle’s place and so I had to walk miles away!…that is what I could have done….walk upto my destination!”

If you were the conductor, what could you have done? Leave a comment.

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